2012 wood Kiln - Polor 1Polour Wood-Fired Kiln, 2012, Brick, Straw and mud mortar, Photo by Majid Ziaee




Brick & Straw and mud mortar

Polour/ Hormoz Island/ Salakh


Activities of this period are generally group project and are currently doing with a time-proses plan. Working in the village environment is the major concern of this period with the purpose of remediating the social issues by education and pottery development, utilizing local materials, paying attention to the cultural and social ecology, and creating a condition for others' participation are being followed.



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Hormoz wood-fired Kiln 2013 6 Sep 2016
Hormoz wood-fired Kiln 2013
Hormoz wood-fired Kiln 2013 Gallery: eco-studio Description:
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