MG 4728Ceramic Design Workshop, June 2016, Finding design brief, Photo by Sara PourBagheri



Ceramic Design Workshop, June 15-16, 2016 

 This workshop was hold in Faculty of Islamic Art – Ceramic group by Frahad Bayatzadeh, Yaser RajabAli and me. The students of ceramic and industrial design participated in this workshop and had some theoretical and practical course in two days.



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1 Reza PourHoseyni - Making Kiln  18Wood-fired kiln, March 2016,
the process of building kiln in Zinat Garden, Photo by Mehrdad




Salakh Wood-fired Kiln, March 1st-14th, 2016

A group of professors and graduated students in ceramic major started their program in 1st-14th    March, 2016 in Salakh village and planned and run some activities in order to train and propagate pottery in local society. These activities which were run in the 51st environmental art festival, included a wood-fired kiln, running an eco-studio…



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IMG 6608Hope, CharKhesht Group Ceramic Exhibition, February 2016, Seyhoun 2 Gallery, Tehran, Iran, Photo by Majid Ziaee


Hope, CharKhesht ceramic group exhibition, February 5th-17th, 2016

The second exhibition of CharKhesht group was run in Seyhoun 2 Gallerry in Thehran, Iran. Omid Ghajarian, Hoseyn Tabatabaee, Reza Taebi, Sara Borojeni, Majid Ziaee, Mostafa Nazari, Ali Jamali, Yaser RajabAli was eight members of group that participated in this exhibition. 



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IMG 5475Sangsar Festival, October 2015, Working on my footprint, Siyah Chador (Black tend) of nomads, Photo by Peyman Sajadi



50th Environmental Art Festival in Sangsar, October 7th-9th, 2015

In Sangsar festival we took part as a group of ceramic artists and had variety experience there. we planned to have a group performance art and work with the special local clay too.




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2013 KilnSculpture - Polor 7Poloor Kiln-sculpture, July 2016, after firing Sara is watching inside of sculpture excitingly and Yaser is checking it by his nail, Photograph by Reza PourHoseyni



Poloor Kiln sculpture, July 6th-10th, 2013

The project was made in July, 2013 at artist in residency of Pardis Center in Poloor village; by cooperating between small group. It has made four days in 160*40*40 cm size. Using the local raw materials, the cooperation of local people of village in the period of working on this project, was an excellence in that natural environment. A great part of the raw materials of this sculpture…

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2013 TIAU 36Kiln-sculpture, May 2013, in the early morning, Firing process, Photograph by Sara Brojeni



Tabriz Kiln-sculpture, May2th-16th, 2013

This sculpture was made by cooperation of a group of ceramic students of Islamic Art University and it took about two weeks to be done. Before starting the project, all the members Shared their idea of designing and had brainstorming and developed some of the ideas individually. The next stage was making the clay maquette for each of the suggested ideas and finally in a conclusion we decided the size off final structure which was 300*90*90 cm. Considering all the working pressure which is always in the first experiences, the work was done pleasantly in the predicted time.

It should be noted that the kiln was made by a U shaped clay slabs. Not only this method has a high rate but also it plays a great role in reinforcing the structure, weigh resistance in various structure, monotonous drying and safe firing.



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 2013 Sparrows House 117Sparrow House, February- March 2016, Assembling the nest to trees of Laleh Park, Tehran, Photo by Majid Ziaee



Sparrow House, Tehran Environmental Art Festival, February - March, 2013

This project explains in Artworks part of this website too, here there are some deferent photos from the process of making and assembling them on trees. After finishing at the end of winter, I was wondering if the sparrows will finally  use them or not… After two months later in the mid of spring, I was excited that I saw some sparrow choosing them as their nests.


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2013 Wood Kiln - Hormoz 2 wood-fired kiln, Hormoz Island, 2013-2015, Looking for local clay in the Island, Photo by Majid Ziaee



Hormoz Island wood-fierd kiln, 2013 – 2015

We went to Hormoz Island for three consecutive years, in the first year a wood-fired kiln was made and because of time constraint we couldn’t use it. By choosing “Fish” as subject in the next year we created some sculpture and functional objects was our activity. Then we fired them in around 900 centigrade temperatures and the result of that was rather good…


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 IMG 5063Saghakhane Workshop, November, 2015, Centering the clay on the wheel, Photo by Ali Kariman



Ceramic Saghakhaneh Workshop, November 27th- 30th, 2012

Saghakhaneh is a small place of traditional architecture where people lit up candles and ask God (Allah) to answer... there was a modern movement in painting and sculpture in 1960s of Iranian Art too. Inspired from this history we decided to work together as university workshop. This plan was hold in Tabriz Islamic Art University by Pro. Anoushfar, Pro. Sajadi and me. Our faculty’s students helped us and we created several sculpture in four days.


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ziaie kiln festival 37Poloor Wood-fired Kiln, July 2012, Firing time, Photo by Ahmad Nadalian



Polour wood-fired Kiln, July 2012  

I participated in my first artist in residency program at Paradise Center in Poloor Village for three days. After reaching there I face with a lot of unfired clay objects that people who work before them. I decided to make a wood-fired Kiln and fire them. It was my first experience. I was alone and didn’t have time more than three days. I worked with local row materials and recycled firewood as fuel of kiln.
I was so hard for me but a real perfect experience, the kiln had a lot of practical problems and I couldn’t increase the temperature to high level. Finally, some work was broken during the firing process and none of them was perfectly fired.







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2012 Made in Iran 10Made in Iran, CharKhesht Group Ceramic Exhibition, December 2012, Iranian Artist forum, Tehran, Iran, Photo by  Morteza Teymori



Made in Iran, Charkhesht Ceramic Group Exhibition, December 1st-9th, 2012

The CharKhesht group foundedby Omid Ghajarian in around 2009, including a group of ceramic educated artists and has concern to use ceramic as media in critical and social issue of contemporary society.   



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14 5 TTesting the capacity of ceramic body, October 2011, Imam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran, Photo by Majid Ziaee




Importance and Capabilities of Ceramic Body Workshop, October 10th, 2011

Since I learned different techniques of ceramic, the capabilities of ceramic body these appealed to me. Some of these aspects let us to construct huge work by clay without adding structure in it. Science and experience of composing row materials to find a special body with special capabilities is so useful for each ceramists. In this workshop I shared my experiences with other participants in Iranian Contemporary Ceramic Biennale. 


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