Video of Aporia, 2015,
the process of work long 3 days, Video by Milad Azizi, Reza PourHoseyni, Mojtaba NezhadHashemi  Charkhesht Ceramic Group Exhibition, February 2016, Projecting video on the wall of Seyhoon Art Gallery, Photo by Majid Ziaee


From ancient Greek ἀπορία (aporia), from ἄπορος (aporos, “impassable”), from ἀ- (a-, “without”) + πόρος (poros, “passage”); Jacque Derrida believed aporia to entail “an endless experiment”. Aporia is equivalent to a wide variety of meanings including perplexity, bewilderment, indeterminacy, doubtful expression, and “an insoluble contradiction”. Such notions of uncertainty and indeterminacy of meaning, however, must not be misconstrued as an opportunity for multiple interpretations and contradicting perceptions – as so that is common in the dominant discourse of postmodernism – the intent of “aporia” is to emphasize the ambiguity and the complexity of human endeavor confronting the undecidable, where life hangs beyond absolute control.

The current state of life has created a long chain of doubts and unanswered questions. Despite his ceaseless efforts and struggles, man encounters a suspenseful stalemate, depriving him of stability and outcome. He is facing the undecidable affair: What he yearns to express, differs with what he must.

“What we are speechless in saying, is all that must be said.” -Yadollah Royaee – Seventy Gravestones

Photo & Video Installation


Coiled Clay, Artist Performance

 200h x 75w x 75d cm.

Support team: Milad Azizi, Reza PourHoseyni, Mahan Maghsoudi, Rasoul BehshtiPour, and Ali Sabet.

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Aporia, 2015, Coiled Clay and artist performance, Photo by Reza PourHoseyni 

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