2016 eco-studio - Leyla Reza 3

Salakh Wood-fired kiln, eco-ceramic, 2016 working around the kiln, Photo by Leila Sadeghi

eco-studio 2012-2016

Activities of this period are generally group project and are currently doing with a time-proses plan. Working in the village environment is the major concern of this period with the purpose of remediating the social issues by education and pottery development, utilizing local materials, paying attention to the cultural and social ecology, and creating a condition for others' participation are being followed.


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2013 Sparrows House 88

Sparrow House, eco ceramic 2012
 Earthenware, Hemp rope, around 30×15×15 cm, Photo by Majid Ziaee



Sparrow House, 2012

Contemporary era is facing lots of ecological challenges; metropolises are full of harmful pollutants. These pollutants have affected the ecosystem and creatures and annihilated the natural ecology. Attention to death rate and decrease in creature species indicate this issue…




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2013 KilnSculpture - TIAU 01

Tabriz Kiln-sculpture, eco-studio, 2013 The proses of firing, Photo by Sara Boroujeni


Kiln-sculptures 2013

Kiln-sculpture is a clay structure in a quite large size which is fired right in the place that was made. This method is one of the appealing way in large size structures. Since the early 1900s, it has been a common method which is about 20 years now. Making a huge ceramic structure without having a huge kiln in a shortest time as it needs is a privilege than the other methods...

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